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If you have a Swimming Pool or Spa Leak - Leak Detection

Pool Leaking? We do NOT recommend letting the pool leak down to where it levels out. This can cause damage, expensive repairs and frequently leads to incorrect assumptions. Do not compare your pool water loss to any other pool. Pool's vary greatly, even your neighbors!
How to save money if you think you have a leak:
Do not let your pump run dry! This will cause expensive equipment repairs!
Do not shut your pool down. Maintain cleanliness and chemicals.
Check for leakage/water around your equipment when running. It may be something simple or easy to fix without the need for a leak detection!
Run a Bucket Test – verify you actually have a leak!
If you still believe there's a leak problem, call Don’s Leak Services.
Anything more than an occasional drip at the equipment should be addressed.
To prepare for a leak detection: Pool or Spa needs to be filled, clear, clean, and vacuumed if you have a vinyl liner pool.
FYI - Don’t be concerned about a loose light. Typically, your pool has a light assembly held inside a light niche with one screw. The light niche is designed to be filled with water keeping the light assembly cool when in use. There may be water inside your light assembly, which is an entirely different problem that should be addressed.
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The BUCKET TEST - Leak Detection for your Swimming Pool or Spa

Day 1  
Fill pool or spa to normal level. Turn off autofill if equipped.
Fill a 2-5 gallon bucket approximately ½” to 1” from the top. (pool water)
Place bucket in pool on steps or swimout. Ideally water level inside bucket should be only several inches above pool water. It may help to use bricks or similar to adjust height of bucket.
Turn off pump and let water calm down.
Mark water levels inside and outside of bucket accurately. Pencil, markers, tape or combination may be used.
Return pump to normal operation.
Day 2
Turn off pump and let water calm down.
Compare water levels, if pool or spa is noticeably lower than bucket, you most likely have a leak.
Note: If you have a pool / spa combination, make sure spa is filled to spillover before steps 4 and 7.
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